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When a case calls for special attention, they call me. For the lawyers consulting me, I will advise or interview those families who have requested my help or guidance. In the Tam case of July 17, 2007, I was retained to personally interview 104 families and travel to Brazil at least 10 times over the course of 12 months. Though I do not offer legal advice (only lawyers do that), I am the source of experiential advice regarding the strategy a family should adopt after tragic circumstance strikes.

Following a plane tragedy, there are often a large number of lawyers and runners swarming around the families of victims. Many start knocking on doors and making telephone calls. This is not professional protocol. In fact, in the United States, for the first 45 days following a crash, it is forbidden by law.

I don't knock on doors or make phone calls to people who have not first reached out to me or a firm I represent. But when clients express a need for me, I am there with an ever expanding array of management services, professional attention, expertise, and care--adhering to high ethical and moral standards, maintaining confidentiality and communication.

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