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Those large insurance carriers like Lloyds of London, Global Aerospace or AIG want to pay as little as possible. No matter how much compensation is paid, it will never be enough to bring back lost loved ones, victims families deserve as much as possible. The stage is set for an inevitable legal battle between the insurers legal representation, and that of the victims. How can the families know how to claim compensation, how much compensation should be; or how best to position themselves, much less the technical ins and outs of aircraft maintenance, design, piloting, etc, that will weaken the opponents case?

What if the families choose representation that has no aviation litigation experience? Do they understand the options involved in compensation and the intricate workings of International treaty law? Do they have the team of specialists whose goal is to maximize the family's compensation? Are they bystanders or champions in the aviation compensation arena? How do the families know what to do? They ask George.

The main strategy of a victim's family is to hire a lawyer--often a local lawyer. In most aviation litigation cases, that local lawyer emails or calls us to come over to speak to a client on their behalf. The U.S. law firm then works with local lawyers who represent the clients. The U.S. law firm and the local partner firm both stand by the client's side whether the case goes to court or if the best decision is to settle compensation out of court. The client will be represented; the client will never be abandoned by a firm George consults with.

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