Professional Colleagues

The lawyers I consult for in the US are the most respected lawyers in the US and possibly the world. It's as close as you can get to a circle of superpower law firms. In fact, that is their nickname: Superlawyers. These are my peers in the legal workplace, and even though I'm not a lawyer, they have been an ongoing source of education for me in the ins and outs and behind the scene matters of aviation and other cases. There's just as many highly respected lawyers I consult for all over the world who are experts in their specific country. So while I am still not a lawyer and do not give legal advice, I quote the experts I have worked with during my years in legal and aviation crisis management.

Also, I maintain a long list of experts including active and retired pilots who are checked out on innumerable types of aircraft. Among other things, when on the job, I determine what is known about the crash and kickstart our research and networking. Whether a law firm sends me out on a crash case, or a client is requesting my help, I go through a specific checklist of criteria to analyze the case's merit. Additionally, I confer with my expert pilots who are checked out in a plane like the one we areinvestigating, to answer model-specific questions that may come up in television interviews, client interviews or when conferring with lawyers. I am well-informed by primary sources so I can stay independent of the buzz and bias of media coverage. When my clients come to me with questions about what happened, I can provide the most accurate, most up-to-date information.

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