Global Arena

Air Crash Consultants is a global enterprise.

US and International Lawyers who consult Air Crash Consultants refer to George while handling cases the lawyers already know are "good." Practical issues of geographic feasibility frequently come up. Cases in point:

  • Who do you ask about the feasibility of securing visas and permits to put a team on the ground in, for example, Perm Russia?

  • Who do you ask about lawyers on the ground in Mali?

  • The clients are getting anxious. Who do you go to to set up a translation hub for Columbian crash clients to call 24 hours a day for immediate answers and support on an ongoing case?

That's right—only George.

Airline tragedies incur a barrage of email and phone calls from all over the world to George and to lawyers he advises. Communication alone can be prohibitive--part of the reason why aviation cases are not for all lawyers. These cases are costly to take on, and costly to maintain; and that is only a small part of why so many aviation lawyers turn to George.

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