Professional Colleagues

Longstanding inclusion as a consultant respected by a close circle of superpower law firms have been a source of George's on-going education in the warp and weft of behind the scene matters in specialized cases. George is not a lawyer. He does not give legal advice, but he does quote the experts he has worked with during his years in aviation crisis management.

George maintains a long list of active and retired pilots who are checked out on innumerable types of aircraft. Among other things, when on the job, George determines what is known about the crash. From that point on, he orchestrates significant research and networking. Whether a law firm sends him out on a crash case, or a client is requesting George's help, he goes through a specific checklist of criteria to analyze the case's merit. Additionally, George conferences with his pilots who are checked out in a plane like the one he is investigating, to answer model-specific questions that may come up in television interviews, client interviews or when conferring with lawyers. George remains well-informed by primary sources so that he is independent of the buzz and bias of media coverage, and when his clients come to him with questions about what happened, George can provide the most accurate, most up-to-date information.

Wrongful Death Consultants
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U.S. (877) 348-0030